The minimum and maximum amount of players varies depending on the chosen Escape Room/City Adventure. Here, you can find the details on how may players are allowed in each Escape Room and City Adventure.

For larger groups check out our group offers.

Usually it’s not a problem to change the number of players. Please give your gamemaster a short notice that you are now more or less people. Please bear in mind that you must not exceed the maximum or fall below the minimum capacity of your booked game. The price adapts to the actual number of people. Already completed payments can only be refunded as gift cards.

The effective game time of our Escape Rooms is 60 minutes, while a City Adventure can last up to 2 hours. Please arrive at our site 15 minutes before your game starts for the introduction into the game through your game host.

Yes, the Escape Rooms and City Adventures have fixed starting times. Head over to Book Now to see the schedule of all available rooms and their starting times.

Depending on availability, custom starting times are possible for larger groups (e.g. company events, school classes etc.). Please contact us via email for a related request.

The price for an Escape Game depends on the number of players per room and the day and time of the slot you have booked.

Regular Price:
2-3 pers.: 49,50 Euro / 33.00 Euro pp, 99.00 Euro in total
4 pers.: 30.00 Euro pp, 120.00 Euro in total
5 pers.: 28.00 Euro pp, 140.00 Euro in total
6 pers.: 26.00 Euro pp, 156.00 Euro in total
7 pers.: 26.00 Euro pp, 182.00 Euro in total
8 pers.: 26.00 Euro pp, 208.00 Euro in total

Reduced Price:
2-3 pers.: 46,50 Euro / 31.00 Euro pp, 93.00 Euro in total
4 pers.: 28.00 Euro pp, 112.00 Euro in total
5 pers.: 26.00 Euro pp, 130.00 Euro in total
6 pers.: 24.00 Euro pp, 144.00 Euro in total
7 pers.: 24.00 Euro pp, 168.00 Euro in total
8 pers.: 24.00 Euro pp, 192.00 Euro in total

Our Escape Rooms do not have a fixed minimum age. Players under the age of 18 should however only play if accompanied by parents other adults.

All our missions can be played with kids, they are designed to accommodate all age groups, with the execptions of “Blood Lust” and “The Key Maker”, which are recommended for ages 16+ and 18+ years respectively.

When booking via our homepage you can choose between a payment on-site, via immediate bank transfer, via credit card or via PayPal. A payment on account is not possible.
If you make your booking over the phone or by e-mail, it is only possible to pay on site. At our location, you can either pay in cash or by EC-card.

Yes, we do. Get your gift card either instantly as a code via email or purchase one at the location. All gift cards can be redeemed at any location for the entire offer/assortment at the location. Next to games we also sell drinks, snacks, books, etc. Check out our gift cards here.

You can leave our Escape Rooms at any time, which means, you won’t be locked in.

No, a video recording won’t take place. The cameras in the rooms are only there for your game host to monitor your game and, if necessary, to enable them to intervene.

Yes! To solve a mission together is a very useful approach for team building as well as team development. More information on this subject is available under ‘group offers’.

All of our Escape Rooms and City Adventures can be played in English. Our staff will give you an introduction and offer a follow-up discussion in English and all of our puzzles are available in German and English as well.

You can find us here.

You can find parking near our location here. If you play at our Dornhaldenstrasse location, you can park fairly close-by here. Alternatively, we recommend using the public transport.

A game can be cancelled free of charge up to 2 days before the day of the event. If the cancellation is made at short notice, less than 2 days, 50% of the invoice amount is due for payment.
A change in the game, e.g. the number of participants or the date is possible free of charge at any time – subject to availability. Changes or cancellations can be made via phone or via e-mail.
Amounts already paid will only be reimbursed by voucher.